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Our Approch


Our vision is to become The Trusted Partner of each of the people with whom we have a relationship, be they clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, members of the communities in which we are working or any other group or individual.


To Provide the highest standard of services while providing pioneer, value -added Engineering Services to our customers with an ever-increasing spotlight on Oil and Gas production, Refining, Exploration and other major industries.

HSE Policy

Ryboa Haima Trading Co. L.L.C recognizes its responsibility towards Health, Safety and environment of its own employees and for those who will be effected with its operation.

  • Complying with and being guided by the law of the land and statute in its operations and by standards and procedures of the Client.
  • Maintaining good standards of Health, Safety and Environment protection in work place.
  • Establishing safe & efficient operating procedure, together with appropriate training to protect our employees, contractors and general public effected by our activities.
  • Making work environment free of accidents and developing accident prevention as an essential part of good working practices to benefit both the Company and personnel
  • Planning and executing all operations in such a manner so as to ensure there is no adverse effect on the environment.
  • Protecting the health of our employees by Continuous effort to recognize Occupational Health Hazards and minimize their risk.

We strongly believe that the implementations of HSE guidelines will not only safeguard life and property but would also enhance the morale and productivity of the Organization.

HSE Approch

Ryboa Haima will pursue the objectives and spirit of this policy through:

  • Visible and proactive management commitment;
  • Commitment, involvement and co-operation of all employees and subcontractors;
  • Effective training, motivation and communication programmes;
  • The maintenance of realistic, measurable and progressive HSE targets and objectives.

In pursuing the objectives and spirit of this policy Ryboa Haima shall be guided by the following corporate beliefs:

  • That success in the management of Health, Safety and Environmental protection is a prime business objective that is equally as important as other prime business objectives.
  • That accidents, incidents, injuries and environmental disturbance are unacceptable and preventable;
  • That everyone shares the responsibility for their own health and safety, and the health and safety of their colleagues at work;
  • That Health, Safety and Environmental protection are line management responsibilities;
  • That all necessary HSE arrangements must be in place, before work is started, and that work shall be stopped if the HSE arrangements cannot be maintained.